6 Healthy Stress Management Habits

By: Team Trilogy

As active adults, stress seems to have become unavoidable. What exactly is stress? Stress is your body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. In today's world, it can sometimes feel like stress runs our lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It might be unavoidable, but it is certainly manageable.

You probably already know the fundamentals to maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

• Get enough sleep: most adults need 6-8 hours of sleep.
• Eat a healthy diet: eating foods high in added sugars can cause major “crashes”.
• Exercise regularly: Stress increases blood pressure, heart rate, cardiovascular disease risk and more. Exercise, however, decreases all those things! Regular exercise also releases your “feel good hormones”, and it has been reported that sedentary people are more likely to show higher signs of anxiety, depression and stress.

We also want to offer up some extra helpful tips you should consider adding to your daily routine to become better equipped at managing your stress:

Effective Ways to Manage Daily Stress:

Get a massage. Stress causes our muscles to tighten up. Massages are a fantastic way to release some of that tension. The Spa at Trilogy offers 25-, 50- or 80-minute massages in order to work on a sore spot or dig in deep all over. Book an appointment here.

Talk with a friend or someone you trust. Venting may seem silly, but it can really help get that weight off your shoulders. You never know, someone might also be struggling with a similar problem and together you can tackle it!

Limit caffeine. Caffeine increases your heart rate, which can increase your anxiety and stress. Next time you’re reaching for a caffeinated drink, try sparkling water, un-caffeinated tea or coffee instead.

Manage your time AND energy. Stay organized, prioritize, plan and set goals. Learn when you’re taking on too much and that it’s okay to say no. Having more than you can handle on your plate will either lead to high levels of stress and anxiety and/or you not being able to complete your tasks to the best of your ability.

• LAUGH. Whether that’s with friends, watching a good movie or listening to a funny podcast. A good laugh relaxes your whole body and clears your mind.

Take time to relax and do something you love. As we worry about work, kids, school, whatever, we tend to forget about the things we love to do. Give yourself some “me” time to do what you love every once and a while, it’s not selfish. How can you be expected to take care of your responsibilities if you aren’t even taking care of yourself?

Still feeling like you're stuck or struggling to get your health on track? Team Trilogy is always here to help. Our entire team are highly specialized in nutrition and exercise, and we offer free consults to help you better understand not only what diet or exercise plan would work best for you, but how to incorporate healthy habits into every part of your daily life.

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