6 Reasons to Prioritize Your Health

By: Gabi Cindric

Pandemic or not, our society is still fast paced, hustle culture is still real, and our health often takes a back burner. We have families, friends, work, activities, and everything in between. Now as more and more COVID restrictions are being lifted, many of us feel busier and more overwhelmed than ever. We know that the nature of the overpacked schedule often keeps us from prioritizing our health. However, in more recent years, prioritizing our health and taking care of ourselves has slowly become much more mainstream.

Health is a broad term that covers several subcategories. The ones that come to mind when I hear the word health include mental, physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, and financial. Each one is important in its own way, but the most important thing is the way we prioritize them. These seven categories all play essential roles in our overall health and wellbeing as humans, but we are going to focus specifically on the importance of prioritizing physical and mental health. When we consider those as the focus the question then begs, why should we prioritize our health? The easy answer? “Because we know we should!” We have been told time and time again throughout our lives by our parents, doctors, “fit” friends, and from countless others that we just “should”. But the real answer as to why is much deeper than that.

Why should we care about preventative health measures? You could use every excuse as to why not to take preventative measures, but "accidents and awful things can and do happen to people all of the time, regardless of how well they take care of themselves. Those things are out of our control and if they are going to happen, they are going to happen. What we can control is how we treat ourselves today to prevent lifestyle related diseases and conditions.” I don’t know about you but reading that struck a chord with me. We don’t know what will happen or what tomorrow will bring, but if there is a chance that our lifestyle and habits can help us out in the long run, I know I’m going to take that chance. And my guess is, if you’re reading this, you are too.

Prioritizing our health isn’t something we can just do for a few months and say “okay I’m healthy now! We know by now that it’s a lifestyle, and because of this it will take time and daily habits to develop to be successful in the long run.

6 Reasons You Should Prioritize Your Health

#1 Prevention

No one wants to develop diabetes, skin cancer, high blood pressure, or any other lifestyle related disease or issue. That’s why it’s important we begin to take preventive measures as soon as we can. I will mention that family history comes into play here. Although there is no guarantee you will or won’t inherit health issues from your family history, many of the more common issues that develop in adults later in life are a result of (unhealthy) lifestyle choices. (For me, that was the main reason I decided to prioritize my health). You will also save money in the long run as you likely won’t have high medical bills throughout your life. Remember that it is easier to prevent diseases than to try to cure it or manage them when they come about later.

#2 Increased Life Span

The older we get, the longer we will want to be able to enjoy life, perform activities of daily living, and be able to move as we please even as we age. Implementing measures now such as functional exercise will allow for a healthier future you.

#3 Increased Energy

We all desire more energy, and let’s face the facts, we know that exercise, eating well, and proper rest allow us to have more energy every day. Think about the endorphin rush you get after a workout or the mental stress relief you feel after allowing yourself to take a nice walk or run. Activities like these allow for that increase in energy and mental breaks we all desperately need.

#4 Improved Physique

It’s not just about the way we look, although that may be a reason many people start to prioritize their health, this often starts with an exercise regime. But it’s more than how we look, it’s about how we feel, how our body feels, how our mind feels but that improved physique is a bonus.

#5 Improved Self-Worth

When we take care of ourselves, we feel better about ourselves. This allows us to show up in the world as the best version of us, and who doesn’t want that?

#6 Inspiring Others

You never know who you are inspiring when you decide to make the changes others won’t. Being a role model for others may sound cheesy, but the truth is, you will inspire more people than you realize.

How to Focus on Prioritizing Yourself

  • Find your “why” - Not sure how to go about finding it? Watch this video from Simon Sinek to get you thinking about it. Once you have discovered your why, begin to look at your life and where you can start to prioritize that “why”.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. health goals - This acronym is one you may have seen before, it stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Setting goals in this way will allow you to have a much higher rate of achieving the health goals you set out (keeping your “why” in mind here.
  • Consider an accountability partner - An accountability partner can be your significant other, a personal trainer, a wellness coach, a friend. Whomever it may be, that accountability part will help you stick with your goals that you set instead of letting them fall to the wayside. Don’t forget here at Trilogy we have experienced personal trainers and health and wellness coaches to help you reach your goals.
  • Focus on creating habits – We want to avoid just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what will stick. Author of Atomic Habits, James Clear restates in the book over and over that “trying to become 1% better every single day, adds up to more improvements in the long run than trying and giving up too quickly”.

Now that you have learned the whys and how’s of prioritizing your health, it is important to remember that we are all human, even me! You must make the time. Remember that health is wealth and small steps every day in the right direction add up to a healthier you.