All About Dermaplaning

By: The Spa at Trilogy

Yes, Women Are Shaving Faces

Dermaplaning has been making a lot of noise lately in the skincare industry. This new type of facial is designed to get rid of dull skin, acne scars, and fine lines while deeply exfoliating your skin. So, what can you expect from this treatment? We're here to help.


Not exactly. A dermatologist or esthetician uses a sharp thin sterile scalpel to flow smoothly across the top layer of the skin - known as the epidermis, at a 45-degree angle.

Gentle and Effective

It might sound aggressive, but Dermaplaning is actually a gentle way to exfoliate your skin and get rid of the repercussions of toxins, dust, and makeup. Regular treatments can foster collagen production, improve elasticity and texture of the skin. Even better - Dermaplaning can be used as a primer before other procedures, allowing your pores to absorb the treatments much more effectively.

No Need to Hide

Have you ever wanted to hide at home for a week so no living being could see you after a cosmetologist? Well, it's not the case here. Instead, you'll actually want to show off the renewed, glowing skin. If you have very sensitive skin, it might get a bit red for a couple of hours after the treatment, but otherwise you will be good to go.

General Rules

Along with the dead skin and imperfections, a protection layer is removed as well. After Dermaplaning, a skincare professional will apply sunscreen that protects your face from ultraviolet rays. Try to avoid direct exposure to the sunlight after and the treatment (and in general for your skin's health) to avoid any irritation during the treatment.

If you have any breakout or acne, it is better to wait until they are cleared up because Dermaplaning might worsen the condition by irritating the skin and spreading the inflammation.

Give It a Try

Consulting a professional is vital before any treatment! The spa team at Trilogy are experts, ready to answer any of your questions. Dermaplaning can be scheduled as both as an individual treatment or as an add-on to another facial.

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