Best Apps to Help with Your Resolutions

By: Megan Landean, M. Ed.

Why wait until January to start your 2021 wellness resolutions?! Whether your goal is to sleep more, workout, improve your mental health or choose better option when eating, there’s an app waiting to be downloaded onto your phone!

But there are so many options, how do you know which one is best for your goals? It can quickly become time consuming (and frustrating) to figure out which wellness apps are best for you. Never fear- we’ve got our top 5 resolution boosting apps ready to go for you. These apps are ones that we, as health and fitness professionals, use regularly for ourselves and our clients (so you know they’re good!). And the best part? They’re all free.

#5- Seconds

This app is perfect for keeping you on track when you’re working out on your own. The best way we can describe it: a timer on steroids. You can create your own workouts and set it up for whatever you’re feeling that day.

We use it for group exercise classes to keep the intensity high- and you can too! With so many people working out at home, it’s easy to take longer breaks without even realizing it. That’s where this app comes in handy. It will hold you accountable and make sure that heart rate stays pumping for the ultimate sweaty workout session. The only thing missing: One of us yelling at you to work harder (that costs extra).

#4- Sleep Score

This app is designed to help you get to sleep, stay asleep and recover properly. When you open the app for the first time, it asks you questions about your sleep habits/patterns. It then gives you instructions on how to set up your phone at night so it can track your sleep using sonar technology (Sonar technology to help you sleep!? What!?).

Once the app has gotten familiar with your sleeping patterns, it gives you individualized tips to help improve your quality and quantity of sleep. You can set goals for yourself and work on optimizing your sleep. The app also includes several sleep sounds to help you fall asleep and alarms to help wake you up without feeling panicked.

#3- Mapmyfitness

I’m sure you can guess what this app is all about. Mapmyfitness is an app from Under Armor that will help your workout, no matter what you’re doing! The app syncs with a majority of smart watches, other health tracking apps and even certain smart shoes (crazy!).

If you’re out walking the dog, getting sweaty on the rower or working on your flexibility in a yoga class, Mapmyfitness has your back. It gives feedback after your workout on heart rate, calories burned, average pace and more. You can also create goals and participate in challenges with friends or random users. With all of this at your fingertips, who can say working out isn’t fun?!

#2- Happify

When you need a mini mental break, some motivation to get you through the day, or advice from some of the best mental health professional on common stressful topics, Happify is the app you should open.

Happify is an individual focused program aimed to help improve your overall mental health. The app gives you games, meditation guides and various activities that can help you destress. Mental health is one part of wellness that is usually pushed aside. Poor mental health leads to so many ailments; using an app like happify can put you on the path to a less stressful new year.

#1- Myfitnesspal

I don’t think there’s an app we at Trilogy recommend more than Myfitnesspal. It’s simple, user friendly and syncs with pretty much everything.

Myfitnesspal, at it’s roots, is a nutrition and food tracking app. When you first download the app, you enter your weight, height, age and gender then set goals for yourself (maintain, lose fat, etc.). Then you enter all your meals for the day. Does food logging make you stressed? Never fear. Myfitnesspal has an expansive library of foods (even from restaurants), and you can even scan the barcodes to almost anything! Myfitnesspal will give you a daily macro- and micronutrient breakdown, so you know exactly what your body needs to hit your goals.

Although Myfitnesspal is known for it’s great food logging, there’s even more to it! You can track your workouts, water intake and body composition too! There are also communities that you can join, recipes you can download and challenges to compete in for prizes (like Under Armor gift cards!).

With the help of these apps, our hope is that your health, wellness and fitness resolutions will be taken to the next level. 2021 For more information, just reach out- we’re only a click away!