Armando's Favorite Activity: Boxing

By: Armando Arellano II, M. Ed.

Growing up, organized sports was not something I participated in regularly. When we first moved to the United States from the Philippines, we moved to a small town in southeast Ohio. The options for organized sports was limited to Football (which is a sport not played in the Philippines) and Baseball (a sport that is not popular to Filipinos at the time). So with those being the only options, my parents never put me into those sports leagues. My brother and I still remained active as kids playing outside and biking everywhere we went, just not through organized sports.

I moved many times throughout my childhood due to my parent’s jobs, and it seemed as if I did not have time to join sports leagues to really develop my athletic abilities. It really bummed me out because I would have friends who could not hangout with me because they had sports practice or games to go to, so I would end up just going home and watching tv after school.

Now I know you wondering what any of this has to do with what my favorite sport is, and we’re getting there! One day I was flipping through the channels and a movie came on that seemed to have changed my life! (the reason I started exercising) Any guesses!? The movie came out in 1976 and is titled “Rocky”. Ever heard of it? Of course you have! Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life! It is a movie about boxing, but more so a movie on defeating the odds of life! I was so drawn to the sport of boxing after watching that movie that I had decided I wanted to train to be a boxer! I watched the whole series and even own them on DVD! Since I wanted to become a boxer, I knew I had to start training like one! I lived in a small town at the time and the closest boxing gym was over an hour away, so there was no chance of me getting organized training but that did not stop 12 year old me! We had some 10 pound weights in the basement and that was all I needed to get started! Everything I saw Rocky doing during his training throughout the whole series, I would imitate and practice while watching the movie! I became an even bigger fan of boxing when a guy named Manny Pacquiao took the world by storm. He is a professional boxer from my homeland of the Philippines, and the only 8 division world champion in the history of boxing! Every fight would be grounds for get togethers for Filipinos all over the world! Now I wanted to be just like him, be the next great Filipino boxer! Obviously my plans did not go as expected, but I gained valuable experience from boxing!

To this day, I still practice boxing whether it is for myself or for a client. Sometimes trainers need trained too, which is why I also do 1-on-1 boxing session with a coach. One of my favorite modes of training with my clients is boxing! Incorporating boxing into your exercise routine can help improve all aspects of your physical health! It can help improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, hand eye coordination, footwork, reaction time, and more! The best part is it can be great for all fitness levels! Let me know if you are interested in incorporating boxing in your exercise routine!