Gabi's Favorite Activity: Running

By: Gabi Cindric

When you hear the word sport, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Or the first feeling you get when you hear a sports announcer on the TV in the background? Or drive by a stadium and see it from the freeway? In these moments, our brain takes us to a certain place, often to a specific memory. Sports play a very significant role for so many of us because many of us play one our entire lives. It becomes a part of us and intertwines through our entire life forever.

There are some people though that don’t not grow up playing sports, (hi, I’m talking about me in this instance) but if they are lucky, they eventually find sports later in life (me, again). I didn’t play sports growing up…unless you count karate for kids classes for a few years. But once I got to high school, I didn’t play sports that first year and a small part of me felt like I was missing out because almost everyone did some sort of sport. But because I hadn’t done it before, I also figured, why would I just randomly start now? (Not a great attitude to have, I know but without having sports to teach me any better, could you blame me?) The following summer, my cousin (who is a year younger than me) asked me to join the soccer team with her because she didn’t want to join the team alone being a freshman. And so even after never being athletic or playing any sort of sport my whole life, I dove right in to playing high school soccer as a sophomore. At the time, I had no idea what that meant, but in hindsight, agreeing to play soccer with my cousin absolutely changed my life forever for the better. If I hadn’t played soccer with her, who knows where I would be today. I thank her and I thank sports, because they are still so significant in my life today.

Now you came here to read what my favorite sport is and after giving you all that backstory, I’d have to say that my favorite sport is running. Some people may not agree that running is a sport, but I do consider it one. This love developed from those years of soccer in high school. As you can imagine, we did lots of running for conditioning to be able to play. From long distance runs, to sprint repeats, running drills, you name it, we ran it. Running is also something that is very easy to “fall out” of shape with. Meaning you need to stay consistent with it to remain at your certain pace level and condition. So, to stay in running condition, playing soccer in the fall led to joining the track team over the winter and spring to stay in shape for soccer for the following year. I did that year after year, and really found my love for running. I do still have a significant love for both track and soccer, however my love of running is still my absolute favorite. I love to run because of the mental clarity it provides me, the enjoyment of feeling good, like my body can get me somewhere faster than walking and can also save me if I am ever in danger. I also enjoy training for 5k races throughout the year because believe it or not, those are fun too, especially all the crazy cool themed races they have now a days.

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