How Often Should You Get a Facial?

By: The Spa at Trilogy

Your skin is essential to living; it is the first line of defense against harmful agents, so of course it is important to give it tender love and care. When protecting your face, it’s vital to cleanse it daily morning and evening, along with incorporating sunscreen into a regimen.

However, daily cleanses are not enough, which is where facials become your skincare's MVP. Facials are one of the best skin treatments out there; they not only exfoliate any impurities or daily toxins, they leave your skin feeling extra soft to the touch with a luxurious after glow.

But they can also be expensive and tough to figure out how often you should plan to incorporate the treatment into your skincare regimen. So, what's the ideal number?

Dermatologists all agree that the ideal number of facial treatments one should receive is one per month. The skin regenerates approximately every 28 days, so it's essential to maintain an on-going regimen, while giving your face the proper rejuvenating time period. Dermatologist's note that receiving multiple treatments, or going more than once a month could cause irritation and damage to the skin.

"I always recommend [that] clients have facials once a month, [because] nothing you do at home can replace professional attention," Aesthetician Joanna Vargas says. "Also, your skin is doing different things depending on the season and depending on your lifestyle, [so] having a monthly check-in with a professional ensures you are getting the best treatment."

If you're still unsure of whether a facial is right for you - ask your dermatologist! Trilogy offers a wide variety of facial services - and we also have new add-on treatments that can be combined with any facial treatment. Our licensed skin care professionals here at the Spa are always available to talk you through the different types of facials and what would work best for your specific skin type.

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