Maintain, Don't Gain this Holiday Season

By: Megan Landean, M. Ed.

Even without the big family gatherings, the office holiday parties and the continuous carousel of office treats, our bodies can still find a way to pack on the extra pounds during the holiday season and winter months. Avoiding all things sugar and alcohol may sound like the only way to go- but who wants to do that?! Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep the extra weight off this season, without sacrificing your sanity.

Get Active

Getting active doesn’t mean going to the gym for 60 straight minutes of sweaty awfulness. There are plenty of fun winter activities that will get you moving!

  • Doing a Holiday 5-10k with the family in your neighborhood.
  • Make a TV watching workout (ex. Every time you see a Black Friday commercial do 5 burpees!).
  • Have a snowman building competition.
  • Be a good neighbor and shovel your neighbor’s driveway.
  • Preparing meals? Add in a few squats, OH presses or calf raises (just don’t drop the food on the floor!).
  • Take the stairs whenever you can.
  • Park far away if you go shopping (even your car can be socially distant!).
  • Every time you make an online purchase, do 20 squats and 10 push-ups (maybe this can save you from splurging on something you don’t need).
  • Do mini challenges with your family (Ex. Whoever can do the most steps in a week gets to pick Friday night’s dessert).
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood to see the holiday lights.

Drink Water

Drinking water before a meal helps make you feel full so you’re less likely to overeat. After a meal, drinking water is beneficial because it aids in digestion, so you don’t feel that heaviness for too long.

Alternating alcoholic drinks with water can save you a ton of calories and help protect you from a raging hangover. Once you finish a drink, pledge to finish a full glass of water before grabbing your next alcoholic beverage. Or don’t drink at all and have a sparkling water or fruit infused water to make it look like you’re still part-taking during the holiday Zoom calls.

Lastly, keep a water bottle next to you throughout the day to help remind you that you need to keep drinking.

Time Management

Between wrapping gifts, setting up Zoom calls with family and friends, working and handling the kids, it’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season. Don’t lose sight of quality “me time”.

Not taking a moment or two for yourself during the holiday season can lead to more unnecessary stress, and we know: stress = weight gain. Schedule a manicure, take a long bath, go for a sunrise walk/run. Whatever it is that makes you happy, take a note of out Nike’s book and Just Do It!

Sleep Sleep and more Sleep

Don’t forget about scheduling time for sleep. Keeping a normal sleep routine actually does help keep the weight off. One study found that adults who slept 5 or few hours a night were 15% more likely to be obese. Sleep helps us unwind and reset. Sleep is our best friend and keeps our minds sharp. When we sleep, our body is also doing minor repairs. These repairs help in the fight against rapid aging, disease and keeping the extra pounds off.

Add in Fruits & Veggies

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet not only can add color to your dish but can also add tons of disease fighting vitamins and minerals to your diet. Fruits and vegetables are all about health while packing a flavorful punch. Fruits and vegetables also keep you fuller longer, so you’re less likely to have snack attacks throughout the day.

Try some of these yummy dishes at your next meal:

-Sweet potato mash

-Cranberry Orange Chia Jam

-Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

-Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad

For more winter recipes, check out our Instagram or Healthy Holiday Eats blog posts.

Gaining weight during the holidays doesn’t have to be something we just have to accept every year. These small changes can impact you in big ways! If you want to learn more, or discuss different methods to keep the weight off this holiday, reach out!