Navigating Nutrition During The COVID-19 Outbreak

By: Kim Banks

Whether you’re working long grueling hours in the hospital, making sure elderly loved ones are being cared for, homeschooling kids, or navigating how to work from home while staying sane, it’s understandable that we are all feeling stress in some way.

For those that are working long hours maybe you’re exhausted…maybe the demand of your attention for more important matters has left nutrition as a low priority and because of it maybe you’re suffering from burnout and low energy?

If you’re a caretaker perhaps you’re so focused on the wellbeing of your friends and family that you forget to eat and opt for quicker, less healthy, options…or maybe you forget to eat altogether? Could it be that you’re left with a lack of patience and possibly some resentment because you no longer have time to take care of yourself?

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