Trilogy Transformation Challenge - Ali

By: Ricky Buoncore

Recently, Trilogy held a 60-day transformation challenge focused on getting individuals started on their wellness journey. One of the selected participants was Ali, who worked with Coach Ricky. In 60 days, Ali lost 16.3 lbs (including 14.5 lbs of pure body fat!) lowering her body fat by over 2 percent! We checked in with Ali after the challenge to get her feedback on the experience! (since the challenge ended she has lost 6 more lbs, totaling over 22 lbs!)

1 – Can you share with us your overall impression of the experience?

Overall, I found the experience to be very rewarding. It was challenging, enjoyable, and I learned a lot about myself. Going into it I felt intimidated yet excited. As someone who never has truly known where to even start at a gym or come up with a successful plan to a healthy lifestyle, I found the guidance and support from my coach, Trilogy Staff, and even some members (James) to be super motivating and having good company around made the experience fun and memorable.

2- What were your goals at the beginning of the challenge?

My goals at the beginning of the challenge were to lose weight, change my eating habits, and to be able to feel like I knew what I was doing in a gym on my own. My number one goal was essentially to begin a healthier lifestyle.

3- How did you feel you did at working toward those goals?

I feel like I did a good job staying motivated and consistent. Given the time period of when the challenge started it played a role into staying motivated. The start of a new year and the start of a new me. Being a competitive person, the challenge of it really motivated me to stick to my workouts and good eating. Knowing that someone else was in it with me and giving up some of their free time to train me also pushed me to not want quiet or waste time.

4- What was your biggest takeaway from the past 60 days?

My biggest takeaway from the 60 days is that food and exercise go hand in hand. That has to be the biggest thing I learned. That you can’t workout and eat poorly and see results. I also learned that I am a lot physically stronger than I thought.

5- Tell us what you liked about working with your coach

What I liked about working with my coach was that he was patient and supportive. I found it helpful that he would demonstrate the exercise before doing it and engage in conversation during workouts- that helped take my mind of especially when I found the exercise was difficult, it was a good distraction. Having a positive and fun attitude was also motivating and encouraging.

6- What did you learn about yourself or your lifestyle habits during the 60 days?

What I learned about myself is that incorporating exercise into my daily routine put me in a better mood, made me feel better about myself and kept me motivated. I also learned that my habits before this started where not very helpful when it came to accomplishing my fitness goals. I would eat what I wanted and somewhat exercise but wouldn’t see the results I desired. I really learned that food is a huge part in this.

7- How will you apply what you have learned throughout the 60 days to your current lifestyle?

Throughout the 60-day challenge I was working out 3x a week and kept a food journal. Since then I have maintained working out at the least 3x a week or more and have continued logging my food. I have also been more mindful of my food choices when going out to dinner or out with friends. I have learned that there is always something healthier on the menu. I have also taken exercises that I learned and did throughout the process and have done them on my own.

8- What were your biggest challenges, and how were you able to overcome them?

My biggest challenge was my social life and learning how to eat in a way that would help achieve my weight lose goal. My social life pretty much revolves around going out to dinner and grabbing drinks. Feeling clothes fit a bit loser, or wearing a jacket that finally fits again or even the feeling of being a bit sore after a workout were small reminders that helped me choose a healthier dinner option and kept me motivated to keep going.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Trilogy has played a huge part in my healthy lifestyle change. From going to boot camp classes every now and then, going through this Transformation Challenge, to regularly attending the fitness classes offered and feeling like I am part of the Trilogy family. Trilogy has been super welcoming, inviting, accepting, and supportive throughout all of this. I feel confident in my ability to continue on my journey to maintaining a healthy life and reaching my goals…. with some occasional help from Trilogy of course!