Trilogy Transformation Challenge - Emily

By: Ricky Buoncore

Recently, Trilogy held a 60-day transformation challenge focused on getting individuals started on their wellness journey. One of the selected participants was Emily, who worked with Coach Megan. In 60 days, Emily lost 16.7 lbs (including 12.7 lbs of pure body fat!) We checked in with Emily after the challenge to get her feedback on the experience!

Can you share with us your overall impression of the experience?

Loved my experience and wish it was longer! Having the support not just from my coach and the best intern ever but from everyone at Trilogy made me really feel like I could thrive no matter what my goal that I was going to make it. I was impressed with how much interest everyone took in not just my fitness goals but also in my overall life which really go hand in hand to making a healthier lifestyle. Trilogy and my coach made me feel like a person trying to become a better me not just a number on a scale.

What were your goals at the beginning of the challenge?

My goals were to commit to being healthier in the long term by losing body fat and gaining muscle in the short term. The healthier I am in the long term the more I can decrease my risk for illnesses including MS (which my mom has).

How did you feel you did at working toward those goals?

I feel I did a good job. I lost almost 10 pounds of body fat alone which is way more than I would have lost on my own!

What was your biggest takeaway from the past 60 days?

Honestly, if I wasn’t currently living through Covid-19 I think my biggest take-away would be that I learned more of what foods work for me/my macros and my base metabolic rate. But more importantly I have learned to have the motivation to keep going despite not having a gym to go to. Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to go back to Trilogy but the fact that I learned how to work different muscle groups, structure my routine (with food and exercise) and be able to do workouts effectively without getting injured on my own is huge. I am so happy that I went through this transformation challenge before having to stay at home because if not my progress would be going the other way instead of continuing!

Tell us what you liked about working with your coach

Megan is just an awesome person and a joy to be around even if she is kicking your ass with a tough workout. She encouraged me to keep going when I needed it and still managed to be hard but kind. I loved that I could message her whenever I needed help deciding what to eat going out or buying at the store and that she didn’t make me give up Barrio but instead made me a menu of what I could have at my favorite place! She encouraged me to stop weighing myself when the scale was being stupid and helped me to realize it’s not about a number and that progress takes time but it’s worth it. With Megan, I didn’t feel like I was in it alone and she was right there with me the whole way.

What did you learn about yourself or your lifestyle habits during the 60 days?

I learned that I am enough and even though I need to continue to lose body fat to be healthier person I have the tools now and I can do it not matter what life throws my way. I learned that if I make the commitment I am more likely to follow through so now I schedule my workout days just like I did with Megan. I also still meal prep/plan even though I am home every day because I find it easier to stick with the same combinations of food that I know have great macros and that I love.

How will you apply what you have learned throughout the 60 days to your current lifestyle?

I am currently having to apply what I learned by just keeping the same habits. I schedule my workouts and do them at home (thanks to Megan I have a bunch of hers that I do over and over). I also love that Megan taught me about macros and how to track and follow them. Macros surprisingly make fitting in my foods easier and I can enjoy treats if I make the rest of my day fit and plan out my meals. I also learned that I need to eat more veggies and I have found veggie foods I love (seriously everyone try veggie pasta) that I still eat daily.

What were your biggest challenges, and how were you able to overcome them?

My biggest challenge was the mental aspects of going on a transformation journey. I need to keep a positive mindset to achieve my goals. I had to learn to be kind to my body and fuel it with good foods when I have the tendency to either over eat or under eat. I had to keep myself going on the days when I felt like I wasn’t making progress. Becoming a healthier person mind, body and soul takes a lot of transformation and your inner voice matters just as much as the food and workouts. I realized that I wanted to be healthier for life, so it doesn’t matter how long my transformation takes because it’s never complete. I will always have goals to meet and challenges to overcome but that’s the point of living a successful life. I will be working on being healthy the rest of my life because it takes constant work but honestly the thought relieves me because it also means I have forever to reach my goals, I don’t have to lose 15 pounds in a month I just have to keep working every day. Instead of trying to be perfect I now just try every day. I finally fell in love with the process!